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Available since 1.0 (source)
  • (alias alias namespace-sym)
Add an alias in the current namespace to another
namespace. Arguments are two symbols: the alias to be used, and
the symbolic name of the target namespace. Use :as in the ns macro in preference
to calling this directly.
2 Examples
(require 'clojure.string)
;;=> nil

(alias 'string 'clojure.string)
;;=> nil

(Blue Crew Adidas Light Originals Trefoil string/capitalize "hONdURas")
;;=> "Honduras"
;; The alias can also be created when the 
;; namespace is required using the :as keyword.

(requireBlue Trefoil Adidas Crew Light Originals '[clojure.string :as string])
(string/capitalizeCrew Blue Originals Adidas Trefoil Light "hONdURas")
Pepe Grey Reversible Eubea Jeans Black OzSrOqw;;=> "Honduras"
See Also

Returns a map of the aliases for the namespace.

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Removes the alias for the symbol from the namespace.

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