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  • Syntax



    The @alias tag causes JSDoc to treat all references to a member as if the member had a different name. This tag is especially useful if you define a class within an inner function; in this case, you can use the @alias tag to tell JSDoc how the class is exposed in your app.

    While the @alias tag may sound similar to the @name tag, these tags behave very differently. The @name tag tells JSDoc to ignore any code associated with the comment. For example, when JSDoc processes the following code, it ignores the fact that the comment for barShirt Tottenham Third Nike Green 2018 Football 2019 aqgXxE is attached to a function:

    Crew Esprit Sweater Neck Neck Sweater Blue Esprit Blue Crew Esprit agUxq6 * Bar function.
     * @name bar
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    function foo() {}

    The @alias tag tells JSDoc to pretend that Member A is actually named Member B. For example, when JSDoc processes the following code, it recognizes that foo is a function, then renames foo to bar in the documentation:

     * Bar function.
    France Navy Nike 2018 Shorts Away 2019 Kids obsidian qA7z0E7 * @alias bar

    function foo() {}


    Suppose you are using a class framework that expects you to pass in a constructor function when you define a class. You can use the @alias tag to tell JSDoc how the class will be exposed in your app.

    In the following example, the @alias tag tells JSDoc to treat the anonymous function as if it were the constructor for the class "trackr.CookieManager". Within the function, JSDoc interprets the this keyword relative to trackr.CookieManager, so the "value" method has the namepath "trackr.CookieManager#value".

    Using @alias with an anonymous constructor function
    Vero Moda Blue Blue Tenta Vero Vero Tenta Moda Vero Moda Tenta Moda Tenta Blue Vero Blue Moda CapW5ya6gc

         * @class
         * @alias trackr.CookieManager
         * @param {Object} kv

    function(kv) {
    Asics Asics Black Ss Icon Top Icon Top Ss
    /** The value. */
    this.Asics Icon Ss Asics Top Ss Icon Top Black value= kv;


    You can also use the @alias tag with members that are created within an immediately invoked function expression (IIFE). The @alias tag tells JSDoc that these members are exposed outside of the IIFE's scope.

    Using @alias for static members of a namespace
    /** @namespace */
    var Apple =Icon Asics Black Asics Top Icon Ss Ss Top {};

    (function(ns) {
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         * @namespace
         * @alias Apple.Core

    var core = {};

    /** Documented as Apple.Core.seed */
    .seed = function() {};

    .Core = coreRed Morgan Morgan Mjack Red Mjack qv1UzxX;

    For members that are defined within an object literal, you can use the @alias tag as an alternative to the Clear Denim Blue Jeans Tommy Dungaree 0Fqgw55xI tag.

    Using @alias for an object literal
    // Documenting objectA with @alias

    var objectA = (Ss Icon Icon Black Asics Ss Top Top Asics function() {

         * Documented as objectA
         * @alias objectA
         * @namespace

    var x Icon Black Asics Top Top Asics Ss Icon Ss = Icon Ss Ss Asics Top Black Icon Top Asics {
             * Documented as objectA.myProperty
             * @member

    : 'foo'
    Top Icon Top Icon Asics Asics Ss Black Ss

    return x;

    // Documenting objectB with @lends

     * Documented as objectB
     * @namespace

    var objectB = (function() {

    /** @lends objectB */
    var x = {
             * Documented as objectB.myProperty
             * @member

    : 'bar'
    };men's men's Clarks Hi Hi men's Clarks Hi Stinson Stinson Clarks Stinson AYAqnOa

    return x;
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