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  (ā′lē-əs, āl′yəs)
1. An assumed name: The swindler worked under various aliases.
2. Computers An alternate name or address, especially an email address that forwards incoming email to another address.
3. Electronics A false signal in telecommunication links from beats between signal frequency and sampling frequency.
Also known as; otherwise: Johnson, alias Johns.

[Latin aliās, otherwise, at another time, from feminine accusative pl. of alius, other; see al- in Indo-European roots.]
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( ˈeɪlɪəs)
at another time or place known as or named: Dylan, alias Zimmerman.
n, pl -ases
an assumed name
[C16: from Latin aliās (adv) otherwise, at another time, from alius other]
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(ˈeɪ li əs)

n., pl. -as•es,
adv. n.
1. a false name; an assumed name.
2. otherwise called. “Simpson alias Smith”.
[1525–35; < Latin: at another time, otherwise; compare else]
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Noun 1. alias - a name that has been assumed temporarily
name - a language unit by which a person or thing is known; "his name really is George Washington"; "those are two names for the same thing"
Adv. 1. alias - as known or named at another time or place; "Mr. Smith, alias Mr. Lafayette"
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1. also known as, otherwise, also called, otherwise known as, a.k.a. (informal) Richard Thorp, alias Alan Turner
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Translations Select a language:
إسْم مُسْتَعَار اِسْم مُسْتَعار الشَهير بِـ المَعْرُوف بِكَذا، المُكَنَّى بِكَذَا
alias falešné jméno jinak zvaný pseudonym
alias dæknavn med dæknavn
salanimi toiselta nimeltään
pseudonim zvan
más: más néven
falskt nafn, tökuheiti öîru nafni, einnig nefndur
・・・の別名で知られる 別名
...라는 통칭으로 알려진 가명
kitaip dar pravardė slapyvardis
citā vārdā pieņemts vārds
falošné meno inak zvaný
lažno ime
ฉายา อีกนัยหนึ่งเรียกว่า
diğer adıyla namı diğer sahte ad takma ad takma adı ile
Giorgio Herd Herd Brutini Brutini Giorgio Giorgio Brutini Herd men's Herd Giorgio men's Brutini men's biệt hiệu biệt hiệu là


B. ADV Smith alias StevensSmith alias Stevens
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Peter Lewis, alias John Lord → Peter Lewis, alias John Lord
nfaux nom m, nom m d'emprunt
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1. nfalso nome m, pseudonimo
Herd Giorgio Herd Giorgio Herd Brutini Brutini men's Brutini Brutini Giorgio men's Herd Giorgio men's 2. advalias, altrimenti detto/a
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( ˈeiliəs) noun
a false name. What alias did the crook use this time? seudónimo
otherwise known as. John Smith, alias Peter Jones. xavi Adidas Shirt 8 2017 2016 Red Spain Home Originals YCxqOCwv alias
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I don't doubt that Sir Jervis Redwood is the earthly alias which he finds convenient--but I stick to that first impression which appeared to surprise you.
That's neither here nor there, though; but Lidia--I'm very fond of her, but she has a screw loose somewhere--has lost her heart to this Landau now, and nothing is settled now in her house or Alexey Alexandrovitch's without him, and so your sister's fate is now in the hands of Landau, alias Count Bezzubov.
He has died and come alive again thirteen times, and traveled under a new name every time: Smith, Jones, Robinson, Jackson, Peters, Haskins, Merlin -- a new alias every time he turns up.
I said that Christine Daae's abductor was the Angel of Music, ALIAS the Opera ghost, and that the real name was.
And Fatty, alias Percival Delaney, a grotesque of manhood, put his bulgy hand to his puffed lips and kissed audibly into the starry vault of the sky.
My luck seemed to be returning to me; and I began to feel more than hopeful of really discovering my beloved Alicia at Crickgelly, under the alias of Miss Giles.
Many of its streets (as its ALIAS sufficiently imports) are planted with rows of grand old elm-trees; and the same natural ornaments surround Yale College, an establishment of considerable eminence and reputation.
Hawkins, alias Williams, 34, married, Shelbourne, Nova Scotia.
Send the warrant round to me, and I’ll put in an alias,” cried Hiram, from behind his cover.
In a moment all doubts were at rest, for the old hag had rushed in and touched Umbopa, alias Ignosi, on the shoulder.
Her brother John, alias Master Murray, was about eleven when I came: a fine, stout, healthy boy, frank and good-natured in the main, and might have been a decent lad had he been properly educated; but now he was as rough as a young bear, boisterous, unruly, unprincipled, untaught, unteachable--at least, for a governess under his mother's eye.
Anxious as ever to avoid discovery, I had before resolved to assume an ALIAS.