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Asics Top Graphic Asics Ss Blue Graphic Blue Ss Asics Graphic Top A name-based email address alternative

The Cornell Optional Email Alias (COEA) service allows eligible individuals to create a Cornell email address based on their name. (Faculty, staff, and trustees are eligible.) That new address will take the form of an alias plus "" For example,

An Alias does not replace your Black Cycling Adidas Jersey Supernova blue Originals W Shortsleeve q66zvU7 or your address.

Choosing an Alias is completely voluntary. If you don’t want one, you don’t need to do anything.

For details about creating an email alias, see Lugz Empire Hi Cxc Lugz Empire men's r0rwgvUFq or read the Cornell Optional Email Alias FAQ

Service Details

Regulated Data:

Not applicable or information not available.

Support Contact:

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